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About us

About Kernow Stone

Originating from Cornwall in the South-West of England I predominantly work on all aspects of renovation and stone masonry. ‘Kernow’ is ancient Cornish language meaning Cornwall, hence the name Kernow Stone.

Traditional English Stonemason

Kernow Stone is a traditional English Stonemason with over 25 years experience.
My knowledge and expertise has been gained through projects undertaken on both new builds and renovation of modern and heritage listed buildings.

My work

With each project individually hand crafted, Kernow Stone is fully committed to each project in hand.
I pride myself on design and working with the client to source the best materials and achieve the highest standard of workmanship possible.


Stone Claddings are natural quarry stones that have been machined down to a certain thickness leaving the natural quarry face as the exposed finish and then bonded to a brick or rendered surface. We have a large selection of claddings all supplied by a reputable Australian owned company supplying Australian, local and imported products. Claddings are very effective for stonemasonry and in the right hands, impossible to tell the difference from traditional stonework. Due to its much thinner depth, it’s much easier to dress with significantly less cost, waste and in many cases more detailed especially when using high-density stone such as granite and Quartz.

Traditional stonework

Traditional stonework is, as you probably imagine, natural quarry stones dressed and laid on mortar or lime mortar beds forming a structural wall. This is the true form of this art and all stonemasons should have spent most of their working life using this traditional method. I’ve spent many wet days in the bottom of a quarry picking through piles of freshly quarried stones trying to match them with an old chapel or barn or picking out the right blend of colours for a client's new dream home. I still do this today on everyone’s project. I always view the stone before it leaves the stone suppliers ensuring my clients receive the highest standard possible.