Limestone Restoration


Renovation and restoration is something that we at Kernow Stone are very passionate about. There are a few things more rewarding in our line of work than looking after an old property over your lifetime and getting the opportunity to pass it down to your apprentices in the future to carry on your craft and keep these traditions alive. Seeing these old properties restored and getting a new lease of life is equally satisfying for us as it is for those who are fortunate enough to be given the chance to love these properties for their lifetime.

Seeing these homes through from start to finish and applying our extensive knowledge to any given situation, structural or cosmetic, makes these projects challenging but also very rewarding. To restore something as old and fragile as this is a compilation of respect, consideration and pride in your workmanship to ensure that Western Australia has its own history for the future.

Meerilinga House Hay St. Heritage Council Project

Traditional lime mortars imported from Europe.

Unfortunately there isn't enough awareness on how to restore these properties here in WA and in most cases more damage than good is being caused by the use of cement-based mortars in conjunction with limestone and old bricks drastically accelerating the decay to these properties.

Kernow Stone import lime mortars from Europe as this is a proven method of restoring limestone and old bricks and is the standard throughout Europe. Even if your limestone has decayed significantly we can rebuild the faces of the stone without damaging the the structure underneath unlike cement-based products that accelerate erosion 100% of the time.

There are many techniques and aspects to looking after historic buildings. Some of the things that you yourself may not see as a problem can be causing the most amount of damage. These things are commonly caused by reticulation or drainage systems that just need some adjustments and should cure the ongoing problem.



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